Feb 10, 2012

Beauty Shots

Hi Ladies, 

We got great news yesterday Spring is coming and that only means we have big events creeping up soon like Proms, Graduations, Baptisms, Communions, Weddings etc. and that is all the reason to get yourself perfectly made up by me!  I love getting referrals from past clients so please spread the word I will give you $10.00 off your next make-up application when you refer a client and they have their make-up done by me.  So get that grapevine going and treat yourself to a perfectly made-up face!

Here is some of my recent work, the beautiful woman is my cousin who had me apply her make-up and take some sexy pics of her so she can make a photobook for her hunny as a Valentine's Day gift.


Bring on the Lashes!

I love applying false lashes. I feel that it gives the makeup that last final touch. I use all different brands but lately I am all for the thick ardell's 138's they are super long and dark!  Here is a picture of me rocking my long lashes!  I love them!

Where did she get those brushes

I have had a number of people asking me what brushes I use. I  use different brushes I don't discriminate and really love the MAC brushes but they can put a big damper in your wallet. When I needed a set, I researched and found my brushes at Sigma Beauty. They are comparable to the MAC brushes, they are named in numbers just like the MAC brushes. The bristles are soft and firm, I love the E55 for applying eye shadows on the lids it picks up the right amount of shadow. I use the E30 for my crease shadow it is firm yet soft and the handle allows me to use the wiper motion to get that perfect crease. Then I swipe my E25 to blend my colors together it is so gentle and the handle allows me to have control of my strokes. I love using the E45 when I have to use darker colors for my smokey eyes it is a little bigger than the E25 with more bristles and softer it truly creates that smokey smudge blend in my shadows. Like I said I do use other brushes but these are my staples! They are my go to brushes for my clients and they are affordable! They also just came out with a Flat Top Kabuki Brush for a flawless foundation application and  I of course ordered it I will review it once I receive it.

I have a link for Sigma Beauty on my personal blog Milena's Blog please click on the link on the right and go see these beautiful brushes for yourself!

I purchased these brushes with my own funds and have not been paid to advertise them.

What I love doing..

I enjoy every minute of it!

Peggy"s Wedding

Peggy is one of my friends, I had the honor of doing her make-up today for her special day. Peggy wanted to keep the make-up as natural as possible and she wanted her eyes to pop. I think her vision and my input made her look goregous! My BFF's Priti and Elle were bridesmaids and they looked stunning in fact the entire bridal party were beautiful! I only applied makeup on the bride.

Here are some pics:

Aug 17, 2011

Estee Lauder Warehouse Tickets

I have 6 tickets for the September 3rd Sale. If you'd like them please send me an email at milena.polonia@gmail.com

Aug 4, 2011

Jasmine's Wedding

Here are some pics of the make-up I did for Jasmine and her two bridesmaids. One bridesmaid did not have her make-up done by me. The bride wanted a pink palette, which at first I was trying to avoid since I am so used to doing plums and browns for weddings. It was fun playing with the pinks and I think the girls complexions and dresses played it up well.

Hope you enjoy!

Jul 20, 2011

Summer Heat Wave Recap

Haven't had much time to post. But here are some pics of things I've been doing lately to keep you entertained!

Purple sparkles- notice a trend here? I am into sparkly nails right now.
I used Sinful Colors is Purple Diamond as a base it is a frosty light purple and I topped all the nails with Sinful Colors Fiesty which is a teal and purple glitter. I did three coats of fiesty on my ring fingers. and two on the others

Evening Trips to the Beach- I love the ocean!

My Tan, Slicked back hair, halter dresses and bright lips!


Jul 6, 2011

NOTW- Everything's better with sparkles

I've been busy the last couple of days. I used Ruby Kisses in Teal Envy and NYC Glitter (can't remember the name) the glitter has small silver glitter and larger pink and blue glitter specks. It's so pretty. I gotta tell you I am IN LOVE with Ruby Kisses!! I purchased their mineral foundation and it is so soft and so pigmented! the polish is equally the same perfectly opaque in two coats and the color is just gorgeous! Stay cool, here are my nails this week:

ladies it's sooo beautiful hot out!!

Jun 28, 2011


Had a hectic week and didn't do enough to post. I was going thru my pics and I miss all my girls haven't hung out with them since April 29th at Janice's Wedding.

Here we are celebrating Jan's Bachelorette in MIAMI. We had such a great time! I want to go back!

I love my girls! My Cousin Arleen was able to meet up with us twice, it was a great 4 days!

Jun 21, 2011


And with that let's bring on tropical colors!

This is an Essie polish that for some strange reason did not have the name on it. It's a beautiful reddish-coral color and it is a creme, I LOVE CREME polishes.

I always get compliments when I rock this polish.