Mar 29, 2006

What's up Eh?

Yeah picked up a little canadian accent! Coming to ya'll live from my 30th Floor Deluxe Suite overlooking the Niagara Falls!! I left my Rebel!! SOOOO upset but I bought a disposable camera.. The Off-Site is great its going off without a hitch everyone is thanking me for putting it together! WHEW... This past weekend was AWESOME!! On Saturday Danny and I went to his co-worker's wife's b-day party..It was cool Raj and his Wife are West Indian so we danced a little calypso and soca. We didn't stay long and we decided that we didn't want to go back home right away. So we went dancing to El Rancho Jubilee and had fun, we felt a little overdressed but we had a great time. We had not gone dancing alone in years, it was fun. Sunday Sam and I packed the kids in her van and headed to Funtopia for a little b-day party.. LORD what a headache the kids enjoy themselves at places like these but they are just way too crowded and not enough for adults to do. I did manage to get some nice shots of the kiddos!

This weekend I will be heading down to the City trying to hit up Canal Street, The Fashion District and Broadway with Lissette to do a little Cruise Shopping!! Some fake Gucci Sunglasses, Cute Cocktail Dress.. Should be fun!

Okay Peace Out Heading to tour the Falls!!

Mar 24, 2006


Days till I am on the Carnival Valor!! I am so excited !!! I have been shopping like a mad woman. On the work front I am so busy, really can't get things done in 8 hours and with the up coming off-site it will be worse since I won't be in the office for 3 days. I planned this off-site and the ones that know me know how much I love to plan!! I planned a dinner at a winery a dinner at the Minolta tower and a Niagara Highlights tour, we will be able to enjoy a journey behind the falls! I plan on taking a ton of pictures! So exciting!!! Other than the dinners and the tour I will basically be the "can you get me this" person. Oh well..

I plan on scrappin tonight my sister is picking Daniel up to spend sometime with him and I get to have the evening all to myself!! Pure Heaven!! not that I want Daniel away all the time but it feels good to have family that wants to see him and play with him once in awhile.

Enjoy your weekends!!

Mar 20, 2006

My Family & My Friends

So my weekend was wonderful!! Danny, Daniel and I spent Saturday out and about Daniel had a doctors appointment and got five shots, poor baby!! We then took the little dude to Chucky E. Cheese first off I WILL never step foot in that place again! UGH! Its the only one in Queens so the place is jammed pack we waited in line for about 30 minutes and lasted about 45 minutes in the place! TOO CROWDED and WAY TOO GHETTO! Here are pics of that day..

Yesterday we celebrated Elle's 27th B-Day! Priti had all of us over and we ate and talked and laughed and had a great time!!! I love my girls they make me laugh and get crazy, they remind me of how fun it is to be free to be me and just not worry about anything, my girls each one crazy in their own way.. I love them and wouldn't trade them for anything!

That's all for now...

Mar 17, 2006

It's Friday

Hey Ya'll,

Nothing much going on here, just a re-cap of my week, Last weekend was FUN! Danced my butt off with my hubby and had a great time my nephew was baptized on Sunday and Sam & Frank had a small reception after the baptism that was really nice here are some pics of the baptism! I need to get my face in front of my darn camera!!

My Beautiful Nephew David

Proud Parents Sam & Frank

My Family

I uploaded the shower pics on my pc at home and well I am on my pc at work right now so I will need to upload those pics later plus I have not one pic of hubby and I (darn it need a tripod BABE BAD anniversary gift please??). Well I will be heading to Buffalo and Canada on March 28th back home on the 30th another TEAM OFF-SITE... Cool.. The not so cool part that my hubby will sleep alone those two nights but that's one country and another state I can add to my list of travels! HA! It's nice working for an airline company...


Mar 8, 2006

Nothing exciting

Well nothing much going on here. I am in a blah state need some inspiration to get some weight off and to just feel better about myself in everything I do. It's one of those days were I need a wake up call. I feel so insecure about my weight even more now that I know I will be going on vacation, about my duties as a mom, as a wife, in my work and well I am in a funk.

I did however scrap two pages on Monday!! Finally got X-Mas scrapped and I got a nice page of Daniel and his Uncle who is his ONLY uncle!! He has 4 aunts and one uncle! LOL!

We are going to have a fun weekend!! Whoo Hoo!! I need to dance and drink and just bug out with friends. Our friend Anthony is expecting his first child and their shower is this Friday. Friday is also my brother-in-law's 31st B-Day!! WHOO HOOO!!! So we plan to dance Friday night away!! Not too sure what we will do on Saturday but if I dance the way I want to on Friday then Saturday will be a nice relaxing day!

That's all for now.

Mar 1, 2006

I am back....

What's up my people! So these past two weeks have been pretty crazy and I haven't had the time to post on here and I apologize. I had a ton of things hit me at once and well that needed my full attention. So count down to the cruise is 60 Days till we sail!!! WHOO HOO I plan on eating mints for lunch during these 60 days I swear!! I hit the gym last night and it felt good! GOTTA lose at least 20 pounds before we leave. Any one know a good diet pill/crash diet plan?? If I had the money I swear I'd go and do some lipo! Okay I am exaggerating, It's so damn hard to lose my baby gut, Damn kid! 9 pounds 20 inches long and he streched out my tummy all the way to Florida..grr..

So here are some pics of the body destroyer and My Nephew David we took them to get their first "real haircuts" and I think they look adorable!!

Here is Kaylie the monkey jumping on her bed isn't she a cutie
(pic inspired by Marie Cox)

I ordered this pics yesterday and can't wait to get them! I have been in a scrapbooking rut these past two weeks and need some inspiration aka: means I need to spend money on some new supplies!

Well peeps that's all I have for today!