Jul 26, 2006

Some Layouts

These are a couple of old layouts that I can't scan cause it my scanner stinks so I took pics of them!

Two Page Layout of the girls and the guys in the Nightclub on the Cruise

One of My Husband and I

One of My Little Ham

One of my Niece and Nephew

One of Sam and I

Jul 10, 2006

On the move

I seriously have no time to update my blog and I apologize!!! We are in the process of moving and work is just so busy. Today I have great news though!! On Friday I GOT A CAR!!! So I am very excited its my first car and its all mine!! Since we are moving to Long Island I need a car to commute to work. I am so happy!! Here is a picture of my cute car its a 2003 Nissan Sentra SE-R these pics are not of my actual car but I will post pics of my baby "Celine" later:

My Celine has a little visor on the sunroof.. it makes her look a little thugged out.. she is the same color only thing is the interior is grey not black and not leather... but I love her!! I wanted something a little bigger but I like the fact that its small too.

We had a blast at the poconos's!! Nothing's better than food, friends, music, liquor and laughter.. and the Kids had madd fun.. A deer came to our yard looking for food I had never been so close to a wild animal: Here is Delia the Deer:

The Guys

The Girls

Quick Post I will post more Photos later