Sep 15, 2006


I have been a bad blogger. I have been busy forgive me. I have a very emotional story. My Space who would've thought? I have two sets of cousins in my life that I have know since birth, my cousin's from my mother side Eric and Joe and my cousin's from my father side Nelson and Arleen. Eric and Joe have always lived in NY but Nelson and Arleen moved to Miami when they were young and they came to NY every summer until my uncle passed away in 1994. I didn't see them again until the summer of 1998 and after that we lost touch. Until two weeks ago Thursday, I was bored at work and decided I would search my space for my cousins they are young enough to know about my space so I typed in Nelson Carrizo and up popped my cousin's page! CRAZY!! We will never lose touch again. It's funny because we all spoke and picked up right where we had left off and it made no difference that we hadn't seen each other in eight years that's family. I had a buddy pass and immediately sent it to my cousin and she spent 10 days in NY and I wish I would've had more time with her but work and family responsibility got in the way. We did things that I should've been doing like visiting my uncle's grave, I had not visited his grave since they last came and it brought back so many old memories of my uncle. We cried and we laughed and we reconnected as a family, and I think that this was my uncle's doing, I know that if I pass and Kaylie, Franklyn, David and Daniel lose touch I would be heartbroken and would want them to find one another.

We take our families for granted, and we should enjoy every chance we get to spend with them beacuse they are ties to who we are, where we came from and I couldn't be happier because I found them.

So this post in memory of My Uncle:

Nov. 28th, 1947 - Mar. 18th, 1994
Te Quiero Tio