Jan 31, 2006

I am alive...

Please excuse my absence!! I am sure there is no one reading this thing anyways!! So busy at work and that's a good thing! Downfall to being busy is that I can't scrap there's no time! Let me sum up the last two weeks- went to my friend's bridal shower and had a GREAT TIME!!

Here we are Melanie and Milena-

I am so happy for her!!

Went to Vermont to Ski
(really fall and hurt my back and feel like a total dork cause my ass is outta of shape) with my co-workers for a post-holiday off-site.

Please excuse the retarted look on my face as I kept thinking "my
co-worker is GOING to drop my camera in the SNOW"

I have done some scrapping and need to scan them! That's all I have done during the past two weeks, WHAT AN EXCITING LIFE I LIVE!

Jan 12, 2006

Photo Challenge

So here it is! Had to take an indoor photo since I got home late.

Here is the image info:

Color Space=sRGB
Scene Capture Type=Standard
Exposure Mode=Manual Exposure
Shutter Speed Value=1/125 Second
Aperture Value=4.97
ISO Speed Rating=ISO200

Cabagge Soup SUCKS!

I started this diet to jumpstart my weight loss and let me tell you it sucks! I am doing good and its only day 2! 5 more days to go.. I can eat all the soup I want and certain days I can either have fruits or veggies along with the soup all day long. Tons of water and unsweetned juice.

So I scrapped my b-day dinner photos and this how it turned out the jounraling is my blog entry on Dec. 29th (fyi-its 81/2 by 11 my lazy ass is going to convert to the smaller much easier and scan friendly size) HA!

I gotta a bunch of goodies this past weekend!! I can't wait to start playing with them!! I am trying to use the collection of papers I have that are from last years I love those kits!

I have a bridal shower this Saturday for my good friend Melanie! I can't wait to see her I haven't seen her in a while! It will be nice to go have a good time alone without my two handsome men just me and old friends and some new ones as well! Looking forward to it! I wanna show her my camera she is an awesome photog! I know she will have some great pointers for me!

I have to take my Marie Cox Challenge Photo Tonight! So I can post it tomorrow I am excited!! and guess who joined the gym yesterday YUP! Yours truly I am going to melt these pounds away you'll see! HA

Till Manana People!

Jan 10, 2006


I am so happy! Guess who posted on my site!! a Garden Girl from 2 peas!! I read her blog like a crazy woman but never thought she'd actually post on mine!! Thanks Marie for making me feel special!! While I am on this subject Marie has set up a photo challenge I have to submit my first photo shot in manual on Friday! I so needed this, learning how to use my Rebel and getting some great feedback from a great photographer is so so COOL!

I really have to get more layouts on here! I am just lazy and hate scanning them since my layouts are 12x12 I have to scan them twice and then edit them in PhotoStudio then I have to upload them and well that is just too much! Stayed up way too late last night planning my submissions to HOF!! This weekend will be scrap, scrap, & scrap!!! I am so pumped!!!

I know I said it before but I HAVE to get to the gym I have a cruise in April that I have to look like a Barbie for!! UGH!! I need to lose a good 30 pounds. I am going to join the gym and eating healthy no more junk food! Easy to say so hard to do.
This will serve as my reminder!

Okay folks, Please say AHHHHHHHH!!

Jan 6, 2006


Nothing fun to report... Only fun thing is that it's FRIDAY!! Not much to do this weekend, my apartment is spotless since I was off this Monday, but I do have a one year old and his little hamper is full, so got to do some laundry.

I have three gifts cards that are burning a hole in my wallet!! Gotta Shop I am going to get a ton of scrapbooking goodies. That is my priority this weekend! Love shopping with other people's money HA!

Finally scrapped Daniel's Halloween pics, now I have to scrap Thanksgiving, X-Mas and New Years! Since I am on the scrapbooking subject, I decided to not enter the Scrapworks Design Team Contest, I am *thinking* of entering the Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame. In all honesty I can't find the time to scrap and the only time I do have makes me a sleepless grouchy witch and no one likes a sleepless grouchy witch especially Danny.

When I do scrap it takes me like 3 hours to do a page. My process is selecting good pics; once I have selected the pics, I wander off to lala land and think of a good title (there's an hour). Then I pair the pics up with the papers in my collection, after I select the paper I think of embellishments what will make my page fun. Then I stop go get a snack eat it and I watch some reality TV or play with my pics in Photoshop. When I am done with my snack, I look at my selections and analyze what I have chosen then I start thinking “Do I really need ribbon on this page or should I just skip it"? "Should I make the pictures bigger or smaller"? (this takes me another hour.) By then I have changed my first selections entirely. The last 20 minutes consist of assembling my page and journaling. It really sounds like a drag but I love it because the end result is always a surprise, it is also funny to me because I think of something in my head and when I start to create it turns out similar but so much BETTER than I imagined!

I know you were all DYING to know my scrapbooking process (NOT) but I wanted to share it with you. You can now really appreciate my homemade cards & layouts (for those who have gotten cards and layouts.)

I really want spring to come all I want is nice weather so I can go outside and take pretty pictures! This Year will be WELL Documented (got to go thank Danny again).

Have a good weekend!

Jan 3, 2006

Birthday-New Years Recaps

So guess what my incredible fantastic outrageous, down right great husband got me for my birthday!! MY CANON DIGITAL REBEL!!! OH YEAH!! I was totally shocked he went all out and I am forever grateful!! See we had discussed this the entire month of December and I knew that the digital rebel was pretty expensive so I downgraded and asked for the Film Rebel, so when I opened up my gift I was in shock to see digital on the box!!!

I am now a paparazzi clicking non-stop so if you see me with my camera strapped to my neck make sure to smile!

My Birthday was great, I got a ton of gifts and two cakes! Yummy and on Friday Carol, Janice, Elle, Samantha, Iraida and Yanet took me out to Pasta Di Giorno on Austin St. AWESOME food and we ate and laughed and I of course took pictures! A great way to celebrate life- laughing and eating! Here is a photo recap of my birthday dinner.

New Years was fun! We again celebrated at Franklyn and Samantha's house! We danced and had tons of drinks (concoctions green, red and blue ones my brother in law's specialties) Daniel was a trooper that kid was up till about 2 am!!! Well little David woke up about 5 minutes after I put Daniel in bed so Samantha and I never got the chance to drink together!! Those little critters it as if they know we want to have fun and here is the recap to New Years Eve!