Feb 13, 2006

The Day of LOVE...

I think its pretty silly, dedicate just one day to tell someone you love them, Danny and I use to celebrate this day and go all out but not anymore its just a waste I know he loves me and he knows I love him, there's no need to spend money on over priced roses and sweets. I still go out and buy a little something for him even though I find it silly. In honor of the day of love I created a page of the two loves in my life:

Well this years actual present is a 7 day Carnival Cruise in April!!! WHOO HOO We have to pay off the balance tomorrow and what's even more exciting is that we are going with a group of friends Sam & Frank, Lissette & Telly, Milly & Ronnie, Kevin & Alexa, Cynthia & Chris and we are going to have FUN! Belize, Roatan Island, Grand Cayman & Costa Maya HERE WE COME!!!! Do you think I can lose 50 pounds before April 30th??? LORD!!

Feb 6, 2006

Daniel and Kaylie

These pics are from last Monday - I was suppose to be at work and called out sick and Carol was suppose to be at school but played hookie at MY HOUSE! So we took the kids to McDonald's. Love Days like these!

My Sister Carol - I love this pic of her!!

Kaylie & Daniel

Me & Kaylie

Daniel already making faces at his cousin!!

Mother & Daughter

I plan on scrapping these tonight!

Wat up Homies....

Had a really good weekend, I went with Janice and Brian to scout out reception halls for their impending nuptuals. Very excited for this wedding! Hope they find something they both love and that their chosen venue can accommodate them soon because as the Maid of Honor I have to scout out Bridal Shower Places and Bachelorette Spots!! I took Daniel with us and the kid is well a handful but the attention he got from the vendors is quite funny to me. These Vendors will do anything to get a party. Any who did laundry and cleaned and dyed my hair! I was starting to look like a bee all black and yellow/reddish blonde HA! Work is getting pretty hectic and I am not sure if I like it or not. I also have a couple of pics that I took last week of Daniel and Kaylie I will post them manana!

Till Manana!

Feb 3, 2006

New Layouts

Here are some of my new layouts: Please excuse the poor scan job and stitching I love 12 x 12 but they are such a pain to scan!

My fave are what a smile and the toothpaste bandit!!