Oct 24, 2006

Cool Stuff!

Hey Ya'll I have been banging out some cool pages these last couple of days.
Finally scrapped D's 2nd B-Day 2 pages:

Here is one I did on my girlfriends:

I also find myself dreaming of my scrapbook studio in my new home(not that I have a new home but a girl can dream)I found these three items that were cheap and half priced on-line I couldn't resist so I brought them for my future scrapbook studio! I purchased the desk top items and the photo screen in the lime green color!I got four of the storage cubes.

What color should I paint my studio?? I am thinking the colors will be bold like magenta, electric blue, lime green, tangarine and white to bring it all together..What do you think???

I will post the other layouts tomorrow


Noelia said...

Cool LO's! Seems like you've been very productive. I suggest a bold pink or lime green for your scrap studio.



Arleen said...

i completely agree with the colors for your studio. and hey guess what i'll help you paint now LoL

Love ya

Kirsa said...

About time you made a scrapbook about your friends since HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love all your work girl!

I think you should got for a Pink wall for your new studio or white and just add all those other bright bold elements you brought for the room.