Dec 29, 2006


is the amount of days I have been here on earth! I am in my late twenties! UGH it hurts to write that. One of my biggest fears is growing old.. silly right? I am thankful for all 9,855 days and looking forward for the next 365 days in 2007.

I want to thank my Mom & Dad, my family and friends for supplying me with unconditional love, I am one lucky girl. I want to thank the lord above for his undying love and for my health, even though I am not in the best of shape at the moment; I am healthy and will be thriving to become a healthier person.

My Son who has made the past 2 and a half years of my life so full love, laughter and meaning, seriously there is no other pleasure than watching your child blossom. I am so grateful for him.

My Husband who loves and does so much for me all with good intentions. I love you, you are my friend, my love, my partner- and yes we argue but it wouldn't be the same if we didn't.

My Family & Friends,

You make my heart grow three sizes big each day. All the Carrizo's, Polonia's, Lopez's, Duran's, Pillado's- I LOVE YOU!!!

My Sisters - Carol, Nathaly & Janice - I love you girls sooo much your support and love for me is irreplaceable.

Samantha- I am at a lost for words, you are my rock, my confidant, thank you.

My Boo's y'all know who you are (E, P, K, D, A, J & J) - LAUGHTER - I get enough of it when you are all around me! Love you Ladies!! (initials in no particular order).

My Mother in Law- She does so much for me, she supplies my son with TLC everyday, I couldn't ask for more. She doesn't complain- just gives and gives- She's incredible

It's has been a great year!! Let 2007 come with more happiness and health!

Here's to my 27th B-Day!!

Happy B-Day to ME!!


Janice said...

Happy bday! Love you too!

Samantha said...

Awww Milena...MY HOMIE...I love you too!

Amie said...

Happy (very belated) bday! I hope you had a great day.

Kirsa said...

Hey My BOO!!!
I love you tooo!! I cherish every moment we have together.!

Love you.

Elle said...

awww man I am SO late on this. I check it out every once in a few months when i'm not being slave-driven at work. lol
Anyways girl Happy BELATED bday. lmao! I'm sure I said it to you on email regardless.
Love your blogs!! so much talent! as always, I wish you so much love and happiness. God bless you and yours. :)