Feb 3, 2006

New Layouts

Here are some of my new layouts: Please excuse the poor scan job and stitching I love 12 x 12 but they are such a pain to scan!

My fave are what a smile and the toothpaste bandit!!


CaliDude Naro said...

I can totally relate to these little dudes in the sand! Very kick back that's SoCal style!! I can dig it..get it? Well this is one of my favorites Lena... it wouldn't kill you to throw in a surfboard though... You can't keep a good dude out of the beach.

{M} said...

LOL! I thought you'd appreciate the beach bum page bringing you back to the old school summer days in NYC.... notice the crammed beach in the big pic that was at Rockaway's Riis Park.

Amie said...

I love that page!