Jun 2, 2006

Daniel's 2nd Birthday BBQ

We had a little family BBQ and invited my little neighbors to enjoy some burgers and hot dogs last Saturday. My Mom came over and so did Danny's aunt and cousins. It was nice. It was nothing like last year's party this year I had to keep it low key cause we did spend a pretty penny on the cruise. So here are pics of Daniel's 2nd B-Day BBQ.

The Construction Cake-

The Kids- The two little girls without hard hats came over unexpectedly (they are my neighbors cousins but live in Mass! I felt so bad cause I only bought enough for 7 kids-

The B-Day Boy-

Proud Parents-

Kaylie and Daniel Dancing-

It was a fun day! Next Year I will do a big bbq!! On Sunday Lissette hosted the cruise video party at her home and being the creative geniuses that we are we made each couple photo vases and trinket boxes that I will have to take pictures of to post they came out so nice! I forgot my camera that night so I have no pics!! Then on Monday Lissette and I the Kids and Telly went to the Beach it was great!! After I got back from the Beach, Sam picked me up and I meet up with Danny at Milly's were we ate and laughed and watched the last cruise video!! This weekend won't be so fun packed I have a ton of laundry to do!!!

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