May 11, 2006

I am Back!!!

Crazy,Awesome,Fun,Relaxing,Phenomenal- a couple of words to describe how our cruise went. We had such a great blend of couples and we were sad to see it end. This was an experience that will never be forgotten. We had fun from begining to end even though we went cave tubing in Belize the entire trip was GREAT!!! We have to do the group thing again!!

Highly recommend cruising with friends in a large group!!! Especially when everyone vibes the exact same way!! I couldn't have asked for a better vacation than this one.

Thanks to Alexa & Kev, Milly & Ronnie, Lissette & Telly, Sari & George, Samantha & Franklyn for putting up with Danny's crazy antics but also for being such amazing friends!!!

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