Jan 12, 2006

Cabagge Soup SUCKS!

I started this diet to jumpstart my weight loss and let me tell you it sucks! I am doing good and its only day 2! 5 more days to go.. I can eat all the soup I want and certain days I can either have fruits or veggies along with the soup all day long. Tons of water and unsweetned juice.

So I scrapped my b-day dinner photos and this how it turned out the jounraling is my blog entry on Dec. 29th (fyi-its 81/2 by 11 my lazy ass is going to convert to the smaller much easier and scan friendly size) HA!

I gotta a bunch of goodies this past weekend!! I can't wait to start playing with them!! I am trying to use the collection of papers I have that are from last years I love those kits!

I have a bridal shower this Saturday for my good friend Melanie! I can't wait to see her I haven't seen her in a while! It will be nice to go have a good time alone without my two handsome men just me and old friends and some new ones as well! Looking forward to it! I wanna show her my camera she is an awesome photog! I know she will have some great pointers for me!

I have to take my Marie Cox Challenge Photo Tonight! So I can post it tomorrow I am excited!! and guess who joined the gym yesterday YUP! Yours truly I am going to melt these pounds away you'll see! HA

Till Manana People!


CALI Dude Naro said...

What's up with women going on these crazy diets!!! I tell you what, I'm not saying this because I'm in the military & we spend exercising half our lives but I have to say there is no substitute to a hard hitting workout! Sure you have to watch what you eat but don't do the wierd all cabage diet... I have faith in you & encourage your goal especially since starting is the hardest part of working out.... trust me I've been there, recently with the holidays. But if I can suggest something it would be a change in cooking at home, not just you but your hubby too... its alot easier to eat healthy when others do it with u ;)

{M} said...

Thanks for the tips but Hubby bought some chips ahoy's this weekend and well I caved.. But I am back on track today.. small steps but I will do it.