Jan 3, 2006

Birthday-New Years Recaps

So guess what my incredible fantastic outrageous, down right great husband got me for my birthday!! MY CANON DIGITAL REBEL!!! OH YEAH!! I was totally shocked he went all out and I am forever grateful!! See we had discussed this the entire month of December and I knew that the digital rebel was pretty expensive so I downgraded and asked for the Film Rebel, so when I opened up my gift I was in shock to see digital on the box!!!

I am now a paparazzi clicking non-stop so if you see me with my camera strapped to my neck make sure to smile!

My Birthday was great, I got a ton of gifts and two cakes! Yummy and on Friday Carol, Janice, Elle, Samantha, Iraida and Yanet took me out to Pasta Di Giorno on Austin St. AWESOME food and we ate and laughed and I of course took pictures! A great way to celebrate life- laughing and eating! Here is a photo recap of my birthday dinner.

New Years was fun! We again celebrated at Franklyn and Samantha's house! We danced and had tons of drinks (concoctions green, red and blue ones my brother in law's specialties) Daniel was a trooper that kid was up till about 2 am!!! Well little David woke up about 5 minutes after I put Daniel in bed so Samantha and I never got the chance to drink together!! Those little critters it as if they know we want to have fun and here is the recap to New Years Eve!


Anonymous said...

Well Congrats on the camera, I see you have already put it to good use. I have been catching up on your site & it looks great. I wish I could see the pics alot better though. Well you are a certified Tokyo tourist. I am the same way, although I am old school & use a great Nikkon which still takes 35mm. As you can see in the pic I sent you guys of Liz for x-mas.


{M} said...

Thanks! I know I made a photo collages so that I can put a ton of pics if I put each one up it takes up way too much space!

The Nikon D70 was my second choice! I love film but also the love the speed of Digital you can see your pics right away.. I am Digital SLR all the way!

Elle said...

Happy birthday again chica! and Happppppy NEW YEARS!!! WEPA!!
Loving the site, girl. I love it!!!
Keep up the good work. ;)


Anonymous said...

Wow Girl!!!!!! I love your site this is kool. And congregations on your new Camera, after the New Years party we was commenting on your camera, I love it!!!! It’s a real nice camera. Okay, here's the thing - My son is going to be a movie star, so his Pictures should be bigger!!! LOL, JUST JOKING!!


Anonymous said...

I love the site girl!! Your doing a great job! Its great to see Daniel is getting so big.

Love Ya,