Jan 10, 2006


I am so happy! Guess who posted on my site!! a Garden Girl from 2 peas!! I read her blog like a crazy woman but never thought she'd actually post on mine!! Thanks Marie for making me feel special!! While I am on this subject Marie has set up a photo challenge I have to submit my first photo shot in manual on Friday! I so needed this, learning how to use my Rebel and getting some great feedback from a great photographer is so so COOL!

I really have to get more layouts on here! I am just lazy and hate scanning them since my layouts are 12x12 I have to scan them twice and then edit them in PhotoStudio then I have to upload them and well that is just too much! Stayed up way too late last night planning my submissions to HOF!! This weekend will be scrap, scrap, & scrap!!! I am so pumped!!!

I know I said it before but I HAVE to get to the gym I have a cruise in April that I have to look like a Barbie for!! UGH!! I need to lose a good 30 pounds. I am going to join the gym and eating healthy no more junk food! Easy to say so hard to do.
This will serve as my reminder!

Okay folks, Please say AHHHHHHHH!!


elle said...

Hey girl, I LOVE that pic of little Danny!!! "say ahhh" funny!!

{M} said...

Thanks Elle!!