Jan 6, 2006


Nothing fun to report... Only fun thing is that it's FRIDAY!! Not much to do this weekend, my apartment is spotless since I was off this Monday, but I do have a one year old and his little hamper is full, so got to do some laundry.

I have three gifts cards that are burning a hole in my wallet!! Gotta Shop I am going to get a ton of scrapbooking goodies. That is my priority this weekend! Love shopping with other people's money HA!

Finally scrapped Daniel's Halloween pics, now I have to scrap Thanksgiving, X-Mas and New Years! Since I am on the scrapbooking subject, I decided to not enter the Scrapworks Design Team Contest, I am *thinking* of entering the Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame. In all honesty I can't find the time to scrap and the only time I do have makes me a sleepless grouchy witch and no one likes a sleepless grouchy witch especially Danny.

When I do scrap it takes me like 3 hours to do a page. My process is selecting good pics; once I have selected the pics, I wander off to lala land and think of a good title (there's an hour). Then I pair the pics up with the papers in my collection, after I select the paper I think of embellishments what will make my page fun. Then I stop go get a snack eat it and I watch some reality TV or play with my pics in Photoshop. When I am done with my snack, I look at my selections and analyze what I have chosen then I start thinking “Do I really need ribbon on this page or should I just skip it"? "Should I make the pictures bigger or smaller"? (this takes me another hour.) By then I have changed my first selections entirely. The last 20 minutes consist of assembling my page and journaling. It really sounds like a drag but I love it because the end result is always a surprise, it is also funny to me because I think of something in my head and when I start to create it turns out similar but so much BETTER than I imagined!

I know you were all DYING to know my scrapbooking process (NOT) but I wanted to share it with you. You can now really appreciate my homemade cards & layouts (for those who have gotten cards and layouts.)

I really want spring to come all I want is nice weather so I can go outside and take pretty pictures! This Year will be WELL Documented (got to go thank Danny again).

Have a good weekend!


marie cox said...

You still have time to try out for CK...so get going!

Samantha Polonia said...

I wouldn't know I haven't received a Milena made card or page for my birthday!!!! DAMN YOU!!

{M} said...

Thanks Marie!

{M} said...

Lord here come the guilt trips!! You will get a Milena made card/page soon!!