Mar 17, 2006

It's Friday

Hey Ya'll,

Nothing much going on here, just a re-cap of my week, Last weekend was FUN! Danced my butt off with my hubby and had a great time my nephew was baptized on Sunday and Sam & Frank had a small reception after the baptism that was really nice here are some pics of the baptism! I need to get my face in front of my darn camera!!

My Beautiful Nephew David

Proud Parents Sam & Frank

My Family

I uploaded the shower pics on my pc at home and well I am on my pc at work right now so I will need to upload those pics later plus I have not one pic of hubby and I (darn it need a tripod BABE BAD anniversary gift please??). Well I will be heading to Buffalo and Canada on March 28th back home on the 30th another TEAM OFF-SITE... Cool.. The not so cool part that my hubby will sleep alone those two nights but that's one country and another state I can add to my list of travels! HA! It's nice working for an airline company...


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