Mar 8, 2006

Nothing exciting

Well nothing much going on here. I am in a blah state need some inspiration to get some weight off and to just feel better about myself in everything I do. It's one of those days were I need a wake up call. I feel so insecure about my weight even more now that I know I will be going on vacation, about my duties as a mom, as a wife, in my work and well I am in a funk.

I did however scrap two pages on Monday!! Finally got X-Mas scrapped and I got a nice page of Daniel and his Uncle who is his ONLY uncle!! He has 4 aunts and one uncle! LOL!

We are going to have a fun weekend!! Whoo Hoo!! I need to dance and drink and just bug out with friends. Our friend Anthony is expecting his first child and their shower is this Friday. Friday is also my brother-in-law's 31st B-Day!! WHOO HOOO!!! So we plan to dance Friday night away!! Not too sure what we will do on Saturday but if I dance the way I want to on Friday then Saturday will be a nice relaxing day!

That's all for now.

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