Mar 29, 2006

What's up Eh?

Yeah picked up a little canadian accent! Coming to ya'll live from my 30th Floor Deluxe Suite overlooking the Niagara Falls!! I left my Rebel!! SOOOO upset but I bought a disposable camera.. The Off-Site is great its going off without a hitch everyone is thanking me for putting it together! WHEW... This past weekend was AWESOME!! On Saturday Danny and I went to his co-worker's wife's b-day party..It was cool Raj and his Wife are West Indian so we danced a little calypso and soca. We didn't stay long and we decided that we didn't want to go back home right away. So we went dancing to El Rancho Jubilee and had fun, we felt a little overdressed but we had a great time. We had not gone dancing alone in years, it was fun. Sunday Sam and I packed the kids in her van and headed to Funtopia for a little b-day party.. LORD what a headache the kids enjoy themselves at places like these but they are just way too crowded and not enough for adults to do. I did manage to get some nice shots of the kiddos!

This weekend I will be heading down to the City trying to hit up Canal Street, The Fashion District and Broadway with Lissette to do a little Cruise Shopping!! Some fake Gucci Sunglasses, Cute Cocktail Dress.. Should be fun!

Okay Peace Out Heading to tour the Falls!!


Lissette said...

Melina, wear some comfortable shoes were not planning to come home until we find at least 65 percent of what we need for the Cruise.

Eunice said...

Awwwww alone time with your husband is always great. :)