Mar 24, 2006


Days till I am on the Carnival Valor!! I am so excited !!! I have been shopping like a mad woman. On the work front I am so busy, really can't get things done in 8 hours and with the up coming off-site it will be worse since I won't be in the office for 3 days. I planned this off-site and the ones that know me know how much I love to plan!! I planned a dinner at a winery a dinner at the Minolta tower and a Niagara Highlights tour, we will be able to enjoy a journey behind the falls! I plan on taking a ton of pictures! So exciting!!! Other than the dinners and the tour I will basically be the "can you get me this" person. Oh well..

I plan on scrappin tonight my sister is picking Daniel up to spend sometime with him and I get to have the evening all to myself!! Pure Heaven!! not that I want Daniel away all the time but it feels good to have family that wants to see him and play with him once in awhile.

Enjoy your weekends!!

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