Sep 16, 2009

Hello Darlings...

Planning on doing a look tonight!

I've been so busy this past week.. My son started school and as soon as I get home from work its a race to get his homework done, take him a shower, read him a story, put him to bed , fold laundry, prepare my gym bag, prepare his lunch, layout his clothes for the next day and clean whatever mess my dear husband left in the kitchen and bedroom, finally jump in the shower and watch my DVR shows. IT'S SUCH A RAT RACE.

I was taking Daniel a shower last night and he is climbing on the bathtub balancing himself..I tell him to stop it because he may fall. His response "I am not going to fall I am a professional". The things this kid comes up with crack me up!

Janice and I are going to the Estee Lauder Sale this Sat. and I can't wait cause I get to fill up my third palette! Yippeee

I am also going to do a bridal makeup trial on Janice this Friday!

What look would you like to see? I have to learn how to post vids on YT!!


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