Sep 11, 2009

8 years ago

I made it in to the WTC Chambers St Station at 8:15 am. I NEVER got to work that early. I went to grab breakfast at Fine and Shaprio and my co-worker Judy was there and she said "why don't we just eat here?" I said " Sure, we have plenty of time". We had our breakfast and at 8:45 threw out our garbage and headed towards the electric staircase by Duane Reade in order to walk thru Tower 1 and into the World Financial Center. When we got to the staircase we were greeted by a woman screaming "A BOMB A BOMB A BOMB" and then the lady threw her self down those electric staircases. Pure Shock as we could see the sunny sky grow grey. We then walked towards the Vesey St. Exit by the Borders Book Shop. We were told to wait about 3 minutes which seemed like 3 hours.

We managed to get out of the WTC mall in one piece stepping over metal and debris to the corner of Vesey St. and Church St. I looked up as soon as we got across the street and then the second plane hit and I can't find the words to explain how that BOOM sounded or how the heat of the fire was felt instantly..I get tears and goose bumps every time I close my eyes and relive it, feeling was just so surreal. I saw people with injuries, some lose their minds in tears, screaming and throwing themselves under cars. You don't realize what you will do in a situation like that unitl you are in it. I took hold of my co-worker Judy's hand and started walking ( in 5 inch heels) and did not look BACK. We made it to the front of Pace University right by the Brooklyn Bridge and noticed other colleagues of Merrill Lynch that were all going to walk over the bridge into Brooklyn I asked them to take Judy with them since they all lived in Brooklyn. I had to make my way to my mother's job on 35th and 8th, I knew she was going crazy not knowing where I was. I walked across the street and heard someone call out my name.. It was Angelique one of my best friends. I am so thankful that Judy and Angie were with me on that horrible Tuesday morning.

I don't watch TV today nor do I listen to the list of names, it's just so heartbreaking to know my name could have been on that list.

My prayers are with those who lost a loved one.

Never Forget.

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