Sep 24, 2009

My Baby is a Star

Hi Ladies! I know I haven't posted a look on here in a while. I did my sis in law's makeup on Sunday for a wedding she was attending. She took pics once she sends them to me I will post.

Back to the subject on my title... a good friend of mine Karen works at Scholastic, basically her co-worker needed a boy between the ages of 4-7 for a Better TV Segment. I got the email and replied saying I can have D do the segment. Karen then put me in contact with her co-worker who set everything up. The segment was taped on Aug. 4th and the topic was "Kids pick the book" and D was interviewed about one of his favorite books "Fox in Socks" by Dr. Seuss. He did great! Here is a pic of him at the interview.

I finally got the link yesterday. My Husband makes a cameo in the first 3 seconds holding a Book for D. Please copy and paste the link to view it.

Then I got more good news they want D to come back for another segment this time he'll be on the TODAY SHOW!!! It is scheduled for Oct. 19th. Once I get more details I will post. What a great opportunity/experience for him, I of course appreciate the experience way more than he does right now but he will when he's older.

As a child I wanted to be on Romper Room or Sesame Street. I love that we can experience this together and that he actually likes it! It would be hard if he didn't like it.

Who knows my baby may be the next Brad Pitt.. well he'll be the Dominican/Colombian/Chilean with a NY state of mind ..Brad.. LMAO

I promise to do a look this weekend!

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