Jun 17, 2011

Why I shouldn't go into Target

So this morning I was running early for a change, I decided to stop at Target..so here is how I go in for one thing only and end up buying 5 things! I went in for a little sweater to go over my sleeveless dress because I get cold at work from the AC. I grabbed a little shrug that was only 9.99 and then I spot this dress.

Love the Cute Details on the Shoulder

I mean it practically screamed "BUY ME NOW I am only 19.99"! Of course I think of an excuse to buy it, It will be perfect for Izick's Graduation/Going Away Party next weekend.

I then turn into the cosmetics department, WHY WHY WHY?? I don't need anything..I gather enough excuses to walk myself out of the department when I see the last display all shiny and glittery dedicated to HELLO KITTY! I start going thru all the items on display and after debating on buying Hello Kitty eyeshadows and lipglosses that are meant for lil girls, I notice something, a pink compact mirror super cute and it's only 1.99 of course I need it!

Then my pretty dress says "HEY LADY ACCESSORIZE ME" so off I go to find some turquoise earrings and a ring. I got the accessories on clearance..SCORE!

I get in my car and look at the time on my receipt, I walked into Target at 8:00am and picked up 5 things, umm 4 extra things I didn't truly need in a matter of 20 MINUTES!!

And this my friends is WHY I SHOULDN'T GO INTO TARGET.

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